The BIP team, with its very extensive expertise in the Biotech and Life Sciences sector, uses all its know-how when it comes to the BIP platform.

The BIP team has the benefit of specialised training (e.g. training as safety adviser regarding the transport of hazardous goods, prevention adviser, coordinator for environment, logistics management, purchasing and quality management, etc.) and uses that knowledge in general for the benefit of the BIP platform and, more specifically, when assisting users and in relation to the catalogues used.

The BIP team follows up market trends so that the platform is always adapted to take account of the future market and legal requirements.

The BIP team listens to the participants’ needs and translates them for the BIP platform. In that way, all participants have a made-to-order solution within the BIP platform.

When it comes to IT, the BIP team always pays particular attention to sector-specific technical needs. This goes much beyond a separate development department simply developing features. It involves developing the best approach for the platform and for specific users all the time, both from the point of view of the sector and from an IT technical aspect. This results in a specialised platform, both in terms of workflow and the catalogues made available, that is evaluated on a daily basis from the viewpoint of the specific needs of the sector.

This insight is unique and gives the BIP platform extra value over and above that of the SaaS model, which allows it in its niche to stand out from the general software available for purchase.

oktober 2015